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Terms and Conditions for WIMAX Service

The following terms and conditions apply to GO’s Services. None of the terms and conditions below limit any of your rights under CITC Terms of Service for Fixed Telecommunication Service Providers and the Terms of Service of Data and Internet Service Providers.

1. Activation

Upon GO’s acceptance of your application for “igo” Personal Broadband Internet Service, or GO Residential Broadband Internet Service, GO will provide you with a USB WiMAX modem (often referred to as a “dongle”) and/or a WiMAX router device; for Terhal services you need to have the integrated access device, handheld device and/or internet browser on a laptop or computer. (all said devices collectively referred to as, “Customer Equipment”) as applicable.

Your subscription period begins from the moment GO activates your Customer Equipment. Once your Customer Equipment is activated, you will receive from GO a confirmation email to this effect

A WiMAX router device may be either Indoor Equipment, which can be used indoors, or may be an Outdoor Equipment, which is permanently fixed to the outside of your house or building. Outdoor Equipment is used when your requested service cannot be received in your house or building by using only Indoor Equipment.

A voice service can be offered to you as a standalone service, and will be activated from the moment you have paid for it and received the account details or/and received the device, if any.

GO may apply a fair usage policy to your service. (See the GO Acceptable Use Internet Security Policy which can be seen on our website)

2. GO Residential Broadband Internet service (WiMAX )

The service is for a one specified place use only as first contracted with the Customer; the customer shall not have the right to share this service with other users nor to use if for commercial purposes. For optimal performance, this GO service should be used in areas covered by GO WiMAX network. To check the coverage, please click here.

3. Refunds & Replacement

(a) Where an Indoor WiMAX router was supplied with your package, GO will process your refund claim in a form other than cash within seven working days for the amount you have paid for the Residential Broadband Internet Service provided that within 72 hours of receipt of the Indoor Equipment, you manage to return all the equipment supplied to you as part of your package in its same novel, original condition undamaged packaging and upon cancelling your Residential Broadband Internet Service

(b) In case of an Outdoor WiMAX router supplied with your package, and where the service cannot be received when Outdoor Equipment is installed, the GO installer shall provide you with a Report evidencing lack of sufficient coverage. To claim a refund, you must, within 7 days of the receipt date of the Report, take the device and the Report to the outlet where you purchased your subscription, and GO shall process your refund in a form other than cash within seven working days from the date of your revert to the outlet. There shall be no refund for Outdoor Equipment in circumstances other than this one stated here.

(c) Where the Customer Equipment supplied with your package is limited to a USB WiMAX modem only, no refund claim will be accepted once you have subscribed to the service and received your Customer Equipment.

(d) Where your subscription is to a package of any of the “voice only” packages, No refund will be accepted once you have subscribed to the service.

(e) If Customer Equipment fails to function because of a manufacturing defect, GO will replace it, free of charge, by equivalent Customer Equipment, provided that GO is still utilizing such equipment, and has an available stock. However, if Customer Equipment supplied to subscriber in working order ceases to function, later, for any reason other than a manufacturing defect including its loss, neglecting or tampering with the same, then GO shall require you to pay up to the amount of the set-up fee currently applicable for the provision of the same service. In case of a Customer Equipment having a manufacturing defect, and where the same is no more in use or unavailable with GO, temporarily or permanently, then GO shall provide you with the available substitute of the Customer Equipment and require you to pay the difference between the charge of the defected one and the one provided to you as a replacement. However, in all cases, replacement shall be considered only during the first 6 months warranty period and upon satisfying the above mentioned terms.

f) Go will only provide you with one set of Customer Equipment per subscription (excluding any renewal of that subscription). At the end of your subscription, and if you fail to renew your subscription, you must return the Customer Equipment and all its accessories to GO within one month of service suspension. Failing to return the Customer Equipment and all its accessories on time, GO will take the necessary legal action unless you have obtained GO express prior written consent to the contrary.

4. Voice service

You may choose to take GO’s Consumer Voice Service if you subscribe to a GO Residential Broadband package or you may have the standalone voice service. The service uses the WiMAX router supplied to you with your Residential Broadband service or with EasyPhone service. You don’t need any router in case you subscribe to our Terhal services, but you need to have the integrated access device or handheld device or an internet browser.

The Consumer Voice Service allows you to make and receive national and international calls, side by side with other services as may be described on our website from time to time.please check calling rate page

You need an analogue telephone to utilize the service or you can have the service on your handheld device or web client.

Your telephone number for the Consumer Voice Service may either be a pre-booked number that is already reserved for you by using the Number Booking Service, or one chosen at the time you apply for the Consumer Voice Service, either as a paid for premium number or a free randomly generated number.

The Consumer Voice Service is a prepaid service. If there is no credit available on your account then you will not be able to make outgoing calls apart from emergency calls, but you will still be able to receive calls. You can add credit to your account by adopting one of a number of methods described or as may be described on our website from time to time, or as may be described to you by our customer care department upon your request for the same.

GO will endeavor to activate your Consumer Voice Service within 24 hours of you completing the application requirements, and GO will endeavor to shorten this period very much but GO accepts no liability whatsoever in case of default so to do

The rates at which calls and other services shall be paid for from the credit on your account shall appear on our web site, as may be amended from time to time. GO shall have the right to amend such rates at any and all times as it deems suitable and accepts no liability for Consumer’s default to follow up such amendments.

As a GO customer, you should be alerted that even if your Residential Broadband Service is active, and your Consumer Voice Service account has credit, your ability to use the service and the quality of the Consumer Voice Service at all times depends on the speed and availability of internet on your Customer Equipment, and low internet speed or lack of internet, may limit your ability to make or receive voice calls or affect the quality of such calls.

In respect of the voice service with the Residential Broadband Service, your Consumer Voice Service will remain active as long as your Residential Broadband Service remains active. If you fail to renew your Residential Broadband Service subscription before it expires, so that you no longer have internet access, you will still have a further 15 days’ period after the expiry of your Residential Broadband Service subscription during which period you may use the remaining credit available on your account.

GO makes no warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness of the service or device for a particular purpose, title or non-infringement or any warranty arising by usage of trade, course of dealing or course of performance or any warranty that the service will meet customer’s requirements. Without limiting the foregoing, GO does not warrant that the service or device will be without failure, delay, interruption, error, and/or degradation of voice quality or loss of content, data or information.

Your subscription to any of GO’s services and/or products or usage of any of these shall not entitle you to any right of title in GO or in such service and/or product nor does the same fact empower you with any intellectual property rights.

Your subscription to any of GO’s services and/or products shall not create any type of relation between yourself and GO other than your being one of GO’s customers; nor does it entitle you to any special privilege(s) or confer on you any right of preferential treatment.

Disconnection of service, restriction, cancellation and/or failure attributable to force majeure on our part or on the part of any of GO’s Partners, shall be deemed a lawful excuse for GO vis-à-vis any claim based on such disconnection, restriction, cancellation and/or failure. GO does not accept any liability or claim in respect of hazards to health or environment alleged to have been caused by the usage of any GO’s service and/or device or any facility related thereto at any time and in any place.

EasyPhoneservice validity will be extended based on the top up you add to your credit account.

Terhal services require a renewal for the service once it expires.

Voice Service after the validity ends:

If you fail to renew your subscription within the 15 days’ period mentioned above, you will not be able to continue using the Consumer Voice Service, and your credit will then be lost, without any refund and without GO incurring any liability to you or to third parties.

You must not use or obtain any of the Services in any manner that averts GO’s policies and procedures, including, but not limited to, illegal or improper manners. You must notify us immediately, in writing or by calling our customer support line, if the Device is stolen or if you become aware at any time that your Service is being stolen, fraudulently used or is otherwise being used in an unauthorized manner. When you call or write, you must provide your account number and a detailed description of the circumstances of the Device theft, fraudulent use or unauthorized use of Service. Failure to do so in a timely manner may result in the disconnection of the Service and or in additional charges to you. Until such time as GO receives notice of the theft, fraudulent use or unauthorized use, you will be legally liable for all use of the Service using the Device stolen from you and any and all stolen, fraudulent or unauthorized use of the Service whether or not it involves a stolen Device. GO reserves all its rights at law and equity or otherwise against any person who uses the Services or Device illegally or improperly. GO shall not accept any claim for damages in respect of such unauthorized usage and you shall shoulder such claim, if any.

These terms and conditions shall apply at all times and wherever you are. GO reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time as may be permitted by law and CITC regulations. Amendments may take the form of change or removal of the existing terms, addition of new ones or the introduction of new terms. If GO does make any such amendments to the terms and conditions it will inform you of such changes by posting the changes on its website at www.go.com.sa or by other means as GO may deems fit. It shall be your exclusive concern to follow up such amendment(s) on our website, if any.

GO reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disconnect, restrict and/or cancel your service if you fail to meet any of the obligations required herein or if GO considers that you are misusing the voice service or any other service or Customer Equipment in any manner. GO shall not be liable to justify such act of disconnecting, restricting or canceling the service and shall not accept any liability or claim(s) for damages in respect of the same.

GO shall have no obligation to look into whatever claim(s) submitted by other non-registered contracting parties.

Your usage of either service provided by GO, shall be deemed an unequivocal acknowledgment that you have thoroughly read, understood and consented to these terms and conditions.