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Secure SD-WAN

Secure SD-WAN  is provided on   Technology.
Secure SD-WAN from GO is a Business solution for enterprises to manage their branches and optimize applications performance digitally and securely.
It enables them to have network agility, full visibility on all branches with simplified WAN operations, and full control while enabling secure any to any connectivity and access to cloud services.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete independence of transport options
  • Since WAN is virtualized, customer can use any transport protocol that includes 5G, 4G, LTE, MPLS, Wi-Fi  or  Ethernet.

  • Centralized and Fully Management
  • Visibility into network and applications performance, giving more control in which allow businesses to send operations to branches without the need to send technical team.

  • Better Security
  • Since all branch offices will be connected to this SD-WAN system, Security features  can be deploy easily ; security filters and manage malware defenses for enterprise system.

  • Zero-touch Provisioning
  • Devices are provisioned and configured automatically, eliminating most of the manual labor for adding sites to the network, while simplifying deployment by reducing the time and complexity of installation.

  • High Network Security
  • Provides a level of security by encrypting and tunneling traffic to your data, with the ability to layer additional firewalls, and cloud security options to create an integrated solution.

  • Agility and Flexibility
  • Quickly adapt to the changing business needs with flexible WAN designs to fit business needs, site-by-site.

  • Dynamic Routing
  • Application-aware intelligent routing recognizes traffic that can be sent directly over Internet links for optimal delivery of business applications.

  •  Control Costs
  • Business can gain better control over costs, while integrating cost-effective, scalable connectivity options.

Service Beneficiaries?

  • Customers who have locations that are not covered By "GO" network and want to buy the smart branch management  service from "GO".
  • Customers who want to connect branches at low cost.
  • Customers who need network management to connect their branches with HIGH security features and flexible;  quick connectivity to cloud applications and services. 

The service consists of several operations as follows: Activation, Managing Main CPE for each site ,Access to self-services management Portal.

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