GO Secure (IPVPN Services)

GO Secure (IPVPN Services)

IP-VPN based on IP/ Multi-Protocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) offers the most powerful and flexible IP network for all your voice, data and multimedia applications. “GO” MPLS based VPNs allows you to build a network that acts like an extension of your private corporate network, but runs on “GO” network infrastructure. The result is a fast and efficient means of making distributed locations seem like local sites, from workers’ homes to branch offices. “GO” IP/MPLS based IP-VPN will interconnect your various sites and remote workers to create a single company-wide communications network. Network traffic can be classified into different Classes-of-Service (CoS), each with its own level of priority. This allows the network to distinguish between delay sensitive traffic, such as voice, video, multimedia applications, as well as non delay sensitive data, such as email and web browsing.

Features and Benefits

  • Ensures Quality: by using (CoS) to classify your data traffic through a single scalable network
  • Reduced cost of ownership: by using a single network infrastructure
  • Productivity: providing access to resources regardless of location which, in turn, improves productivity
  • Easy configuration: Your organization can readily enhance its network, by adding capacity and applications depending on its business needs
  • Simplified management: “GO” takes care of your entire network, leaving you to concentrate on your business
  • Scalability: The service can use any access technology and can scale from a small to a large number of sites
  • Security: Network-wide monitoring and built-in security features (Unique Customer VRF) can deliver an increased level of protection for your organization. “GO” IP/MPLS technology isolates your data packets on the network, to ensure confidentiality and protection
  • Flexibility: “GO” IP/MPLS allows for simple any-to-any communications. It’s easy to add or remove users and sites, as well as the ability to have distributed applications
  • Performance guarantees: Multiple classes of service for data, voice and video applications means that performance is optimized

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For more information call: 8001111010 or email: Business@go.com.sa

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