Managed Router Services (MRS)

Managed Routers Service (MRS)

GO’s vision is to provide the enterprise customers an essential service for all business tiers (SMEs and Large Enterprises) called the managed router service (MRS). MRS is a reliable and comprehensive business service where customer’s routers and link are under contentious monitoring by professional and highly experienced engineer in telecom field. GO team will install, configure, monitor and proactively take the suitable corrective action to insure the service continuity. We will take care of all hassles of monitoring, maintaining the router and solve its problems to insure the continuity and the router effectiveness MRS is one of the keys to the modern success of the enterprises, it reduce the operational costs and insure continuity of service and safety and thus the business.

Features and Benefits

  • There will be no additional installation, configuration, maintenance and operation costs
  • Excellent performance guarantees
  • Reduce the costs of employees on network establishment and maintenance
  • You will have enough time to focus on developing your business


  • We design and build according to the need of your Network needs and by highly experienced engineers
  • Remotely monitor and manage network by Go highly experienced and professional engineers
  • Enable the client to archive the router’s logs and configurations
  • Useful advices to upgrade or reduce network capabilities
  • High Standards SLA
  • Router upgrading and updating
  • On time Highly qualified maintenance and support specialists at your company headquarters when needed
  • An immediate temporary replacement router in case of main router failure
  • 24/7 technical support

The service consists of several operations as follows: Activation, change management, monitoring, updating and insure the protection of the device from any breaches.

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