VPN over LTE


The Service will allow users of all experience levels to connect multiple offices together like they are on the same network by establishing direct and secure VPN connections between them. This L3 peer-to-peer virtual private networking (VPN) requires no expert configuration and effectively simulates a local area network over LTE as customer will plug & play the solution received from our end. GO LTE shall be available in all cities covered by STC LTE coverage.

The service is offered to address the business demand for connecting offices together. The service provides different speeds to customers based on their requirements. The last mile of the branches is based on GO’s LTE CPEs, which connects the customer’s offices via VPN over LTE. CPEs will be configured with a CGNAT IP (Private IP) which will be assigned by DHCP.

For more information call: 8001111010 or email: Business@go.com.sa

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